• Vegan Style Rashers

    No more rasher decisions with this bacon of hope...


    Ah, finally. A bacon alternative that cooks like the real thing! An essential part of any all-day breakfast, we can’t get enough of the way this crisps up in the pan for more-ish crunch. Pile it high in your sarnie, or enjoy it all by itself. We won’t judge.

    NutrientPer 100g/ml
    Energy632.9 K/J
    Energy151.1 k/cal
    of which saturates1.5g
    of which sugar3.6g
  • Vegan Style Burgers

    You’ll find this plant-based burger herd to beat


    Can we all agree that burgers are pretty much the best? Juicy, deeply flavoured, these pretty patties will be a game-changer at your next BBQ. Add sliced tomatoes, cool lettuce, and a squishy bun for maximum satisfaction.

    NutrientPer 100g/ml
    Energy697.8 K/J
    Energy166 k/cal
    of which saturates1.3g
    of which sugar4.5g
  • Vegan Style Cumberland Sausage

    You might call this the missing veggie ‘link’...


    100% plant-based sausages? We’re not telling porkies, promise. This really is the missing link when it comes to vegan goodness in sausage format. Juicy and savoury, it’s a total banger.

    NutrientPer 100g/ml
    Energy711.5 K/J
    Energy169.4 k/cal
    of which saturates1.5g
    of which sugar3.3g
  • Vegan Style Fillet

    No clucks given with this quality-meat alternative


    Juicy, savoury, and generally fabulous, these are worth stocking up on. Super versatile, we love them scattered over salad, served with your carb of choice, or even guzzled straight out the pan. We won’t tell if you don’t…

    NutrientPer 100g/ml
    Energy780.1 K/J
    Energy186.5 k/cal
    of which saturates1.6g
    of which sugar3.8g
  • Vegan Style Smokie

    Sus-fishiously good Scottish smokies


    Ridiculously delicious, smoky-sweet Seitan morsels that cook just like lardons or pancetta cubes. Sizzle over a high heat for a crispy outside and soft interior. We love these scattered over al dente pasta (and frankly, scoffed by the handful).

    NutrientPer 100g/ml
    Energy732.5 K/J
    Energy174.9 k/cal
    of which saturates1.5g
    of which sugar3.1g
  • Vegan Style Schnitzel

    Meet our clucking delicious schnitzel alternative


    Schnitzel – fun to say, even more fun to eat! Jam-packed full of flavour, this Seitan Schnitzel crisps up when cooking (our mouths are watering just thinking about it). Best of all – it’s kind to the planet and completely plant-based.

    NutrientPer 100g/ml
    Energy846.3 K/J
    Energy201.9 k/cal
    of which saturates1.3g
    of which sugar4.0g
  • Vegan Style Square Sausage

    Fixing the square root of the problem


    We searched the four corners of the planet to bring you this stunner. OK, OK – maybe we’re kidding a little bit, but we wouldn’t be a Scottish company if we didn’t create a quality square sausage alternative for you, would we?

    NutrientPer 100g/ml
    Energy722.9 K/J
    Energy172.7 k/cal
    of which saturates1.5g
    of which sugar3.7g
  • Vegan Style Steak

    No calf measures here when it comes to plant-based steaks!


    Peppery, savoury, we really raised the stakes with this one. Terrible jokes aside, these steaks can be cooked however you like them – rare, medium, or well done. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture, packed with flavour, will have you coming back for more.


    NutrientPer 100g/ml
    Energy705.7 K/J
    Energy168.2 k/cal
    of which saturates1.5g
    of which sugar4.7g

Look, we get it. You need healthy amounts of vegan deliciousness, delivered.

And because we’re little (plant-based) piglets, we’ve themed our delivery box by craving - from breakfast to BBQ - you get something that hits the spot.

Order your meat alternatives (sustainably made, minimal plastic, water, and waste to boot) in advance for delivery each month, and get ready to unbox joy when they arrive.

Here are the deets:

  • All products inside the box are fresh for 7 days - make sure you put them in the fridge the minute they arrive
    • You can freeze these products too - just be sure to put them in the freezer as soon as possible. They last, frozen, for 3 months.
    • Once defrosted, do not refreeze
  • Order your box at least a week in advance for delivery on the first Friday of the new month
    • e.g. Order by 30th April, for delivery on Friday May 7th.
  • You choose the number of people you want to feed - prices increase by the number of folk
  • You can buy one box, or buy them all! We have discounts for multiple boxes
    • 5% off for 3
  • All prices include shipping to anywhere in Mainland UK. Please see terms and conditions for further details
  • Breakfast box

    Order by Friday, April 30th for delivery on Friday, May 7th

    From: £18.49

    It’s breakfast, but so. much. better.

    This beauty of a box contains a packet of mouthwatering vegan rashers, our signature vegan square sausage, and the missing link of all plant-based brekkie goodness, our vegan Cumberland sausage.

    Add your own tattie scone, shrooms, hash browns, beans – whatever it takes to round out that feast, and invite your favourite person to share*.

    *Or don’t. We won’t tell if you gobble the lot…

    • Rashers – 100g
    • Square Sausage – 50g
    • Cumberland Sausage – 100g
  • Barbeque Box

    Order by Friday, May 28th for delivery on Friday, June 6th

    From: £24.57

    Is there anything more primal and satisfying that cooking something over an open flame?
    We’re not trying to encourage pyromania here, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t get a thrill every time we light a fire in our BBQ.
    To that end, this plant-based BBQ box is perfect for your next cook-out, and is packed with our vegan burgers, schnitzel, and Cumberland sausages for your outdoor feast. .

    • Vegan Style Burgers – 90g
    • Vegan Style Schnitzel – 80g
    • Vegan Style Cumberland Sausage – 100g
  • Butchers Box

    Order by Friday, June 25th, for delivery by Friday, July 2nd.

    From: £34.95

    Whether it’s a seared seitan steak in a pan, plant-based bangers and mash, or a vegan bacon butty, sometimes you just want something gorgeous, gutsy, and good for you.
    Get the best quality-meat alternatives delivered to your door with our Butcher’s box selection, complete with our vegan steak, rashers, sausage, and chicken fillet options.
    Whether you dine by candlelight, or the light of the telly, this Butcher’s box is perfect for sharing with friends and family.

    • Vegan Beef Style Steak – 165g
    • Vegan Style Fillet – 165g
    • Vegan Style Rashers – 100g
    • Vegan Style Cumberland Sausage – 100g
  • Fast Food Box

    Order by Friday, July 30th, for delivery on Friday, August 6th.

    From: £45.56

    Look, there’s a reason we all love takeaway food – it’s calorific, delicious, and just the right side of naughty – so when we brainstormed our boxes, a takeaway option was at the top of our list.
    Whether you like it beer-battered, breadcrumbed, or tempura’d, our seitan Smokie is the perfect fish alternative for your supper.
    Or why not try our protein-packed burgers, sausages, and chicken-style schnitzel that’s just crying out for chow mein?
    Friday night takeaways will never be the same again.

    • Vegan Beef Style Burgers – 90g
    • Vegan Style Cumberland Sausage – 100g
    • Vegan Style Schnitzel – 80g
    • Vegan Style Smokie – 90g