Vegan food so good it makes the world taste better

Look, you already know we’re a bunch of deviants here at Seitan’s Lot.

But what are we deviating from? What are we an alternative to? What are we really here for?

If you’re looking for answers (aren’t we all?), our manifesto is below.

We believe in evolving - so this might change from time to time, but these are the core principles we’re committed to: for our planet, everything (and everyone) in it.

We’ve got an appetite for change.

Our sole purpose is to educate and feed humankind without impacting or fucking up our planet.

Be disruptive, not corruptive
We’re disruptive, not corruptive. We see a lot of shitty decisions being made in the world that we want to turn the tide on. That’s why, if it doesn’t feel right, harms anything, or causes damage, we don’t do it.

Love tough
Everything we do is done in and with love - even when things get tough. When we say love, we don’t just mean the fluffy-fuzzy kind.
We mean the love that helps us make good choices, love that makes tough calls, love that does right things over profit.
Our love is for the planet, the animals, the humans, and the food. It’s all connected, and we’re here to jumpstart a positive feedback cycle.

Radical joy
Joy! Is there a better way to disrupt the system? Without getting preachy - big companies profit from your misery.
They sell you stuff you don’t need to make you feel better about an idea they also sold you that makes you feel like shit.
To that, we say: “Nah, thanks.”
We’d much rather feed you and make you happy. We want to spread radical joy so you can make choices that are genuinely good.*

Forever curious
We invent, fine-tune, tinker with, and perfect delicious vegan food that we nurture and create (sustainably!) from our planet’s natural resources.
We’re not limited - we’re limitless. We’re doing what other people can’t do, because we recycled the box instead of just thinking outside it.

Believe in yourself
Our food always tastes awesome and we know it. We don’t care if you’re a meat eater or not, and frankly, we’re not here to hate on your food choices.
What we do know is that whether you’re a carnivore or a vegan, when you taste our food, you’ll be hungry for more.
Anti-Perfect + Proud = Excellent

We know we’re not perfect. Perfect is stagnation. It’s an ideal that can’t be reached.
Instead, we’re here for excellence - which sits nicely between ‘good’ and ‘perfect’.
We like to think of progress as excellence in action. And don’t we all want to see a little more progress in our daily lives?
We’re not going to get it right every time - but we are going to learn every time.
We want to set a new standard of excellence for meat alternatives, because that’s how we create progress for everything (and everyone) on our planet.

Dissidence and kitchen dance parties
We’re unexpected and unconventional. We’re here for real change, not performance.
We’re here to dissent - from the norm, from tasteless plant-based food, from ‘sustainable’ choices that come wrapped in plastic, from the ‘healthy’ option that secretly costs the planet.
We’re here to have it all, and have fun while we do it. Delicious food that’s genuinely good for you, our suppliers, our sources, and our earth. This is healthy food for unhealthy minds.
Welcome to Seitan’s Lot.
*Also, please buy our stuff.

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