Brand Story

Our journey starts with an inferno, as all good ones do.

They say find what you love and let it kill you.


We nearly did.

2018 - 2019.

We began with the founding of the Vegan Glasgow Deli in 2018, sparked at a fabulous vintage gathering fuelled by vegan toasties.

Combining a newfound love of feeding people good food that was grown, not born, the Vegan Glasgow Deli served up phenomenal meat alternatives to hungry folk.

As word spread, we found ourselves faced with a decision. We could either meet demand whilst running a hospitality business, or we could innovate and create new products.

What did we choose? Well, you know what they say about the path less travelled. We chose innovation.


Fast forward to early 2020, when Seitan’s Lot was formed in the wake of an almost-house fire.

Creating stupidly tasty, from-scratch meat alternatives proved pretty exhausting. We nearly burned out - literally and metaphorically.

Sustainability had to be a way of life as well as a principle. So we went back to the drawing board. The Vegan Glasgow Deli was now ash - but something was stirring in the embers.

In the most disruptive year most of us have ever experienced, we realised it was actually a blank canvas, and Seitan’s Lot was born.


We’ve decided that 2021 is going to be a year of delicious transgression.

Seitan’s Lot is here to shake things up, to expand our success, and to feed you ridiculously great food that’s good for you and the planet.

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